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Turned Wood   
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turned wood
is a small manufactory for fine wooden bowls and wooden objects that stimulate the senses again and again. Whether as a comfort in the hand or just to enjoy their simplicity and beauty. Every Pure Pipe is unique. For the pipe bowls I use solely Bruyere-root wood(the best pipe wood around), which has been stored for at least 6 years. I finish the mouthpieces from various hardwoods. In the process, just as with my wooden bowls, I lay the most importance on function, design and radiance. The surfaces of my wooden objects are exclusively oiled, waxed and polished. Every wooden object is individual. It goes through approx. 35 rounds of finishing by hand. The form of my wooden objects and Pure Pipes comes to be during production. I make adjustments according to the grain, type of wood and my “gut-feeling”. I put a great amount of importance on the surface finish. This process makes up about half of the work. Meanwhile, admirers from Germany, Holland, Switzerland,  the USA and Australia make up my customers.
turned wood