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wooden bowls
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Jarrah Jarrah Maserbirke Ahorn Cocobolo Rüster Maser Pflaume Sapeli Jarrah Thuja Maser Wenge Wenge King Wood Sapeli Eibe Goldfield Zebrano
turned wood
Here you can see a selection of my wooden bowls.
Unfortunately, not all of the wooden bowls shown here are still in my posession. However, there are always new bowls from various woods. In the case of very unusal exotic wood types, it is not always possible to quickly obtain the adequate pieces. This is because, I pay very close attention that the wood comes from environment friendly sources. Moreover, the wood must be well dried and stored, which often proves a test of patience. If you are interested or have your own ideas, such as a specific type of wood, simply contact me. You can use my Contact form or call me directly. I look forward to each contact or message, and I will respond as quickly as possible.